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Work From Home Tips

With significant changes in recent workforce protocols, a large number of us have found ourselves working from home and/or transitioning to remote jobs. This has led to some major shifts in work culture and the way we spend our time in and outside of work.

While there are many positives to working remotely, it cannot go unsaid that no change comes without complications. The risk of overworking and burning out is very real.

How do you stay motivated, healthy and productive while working from home?

Here are a few ideas:


1. Create a dedicated separate space for your work area.

This area should be designed to keep your attention on work and allow you to focus. Make sure it’s away from any distractions, but keep in mind that this is also an opportunity to get creative. This area is uniquely yours, so feel free to add plants and decor, or strip it down to have a minimalist aesthetic. 


2. Set boundaries by establishing a clear structure to your day.

If your job allows for it, stick to your schedule with hard deadlines. Maintaining a work-life balance should be a top priority while working from home, as the lines could very easily get blurred when home and work occupy the same physical space. Try to maintain consistent timings for beginning and ending your work day in order to avoid burnout.


3. Create transition rituals to help you ease in and out of work-mode.

Not having to commute to work is an enormous positive. However, it’s important to note that because we are used to having this commute (no matter how long or short) as a method of transitioning into and out of work-mode, the absence of it can lead to burnout. To alleviate this, consider creating rituals to help you direct your focus more gradually towards work, rather than jumping right into it. This can include making yourself a cup of coffee, or spending time reading or meditating before unplugging from your desk.

4. Invest in equipment needed to maximize efficiency while taking care of your body. 

This could mean a standing desk, or a portable addition to convert your existing desk into a standing one. It could also mean purchasing a wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse to avoid strain to your hands.

5. Make time for self-care and socialization with your loved ones.

Build habits to ensure that you’re taking the time you need to rest, relax and recharge yourself physically and mentally. Maintain the relationships in your life by dedicating time for your friends and family.

Most important of all, accept that with change comes ups and downs and that it is okay not to know all the answers. Experiment to find what works best for you to promote a balanced and healthy work lifestyle. 


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