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The 10 Most Common Sages for Smudging

Current mood: I burn sage and bridges, whatever it takes to get away from negativity. 

All laughs aside, sage has become an essential tool in our self-care routine. Sage cleansing also known as smudging is performed to cleanse and purify a space or person of unwanted energy. 

When should you perform sage cleansing?

    • Before meditation

    • While journaling

    • After an argument

    • After being sick

    • To promote healing

    • To energetically reset

    • After decluttering or cleaning

    • Acquiring used furniture

    • Moving into a new place

    • During self-care practice

    • Any time you want to bring good energy

Here are the 10 most common sages for smudging:

    1. White sage:

    • Clears the mind

    • Purify negative energy

    2. White with Floral sage:

    • Invites positivity

    • Boost self love

    3. White with Eucalyptus sage:

    • Draws in fresh energy

    • Awakens the mind and spirit

    4. White with Sweetgrass sage:

    • Brings strength

    • Captures positive energy

    5. Lavender sage:

    • Promotes calmness

    • Brings peace

    6. Blue sage:

    • Welcomes abundance

    • Attracts good health and wealth

    7. Yerba Santa sage:

    • Attracts growth

    • Heals emotional pain

    8. Juniper sage:

    • Promotes healing

    • Protects from illness

    9. Cedar sage:

    • Removes negative energy

    • Attracts good spirits

    10. Mugwort Black sage:

    • Stimulate pleasant dreams

    • Improves sleep quality

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