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Self-Growth: Bite-Sized

“I would love to do ___, but I just don’t have the time for it.”

Sound familiar? You have certainly either said this yourself, or heard this from others.


The truth is: sometimes, some things are just not a priority. And that’s okay!


It’s okay to prioritize aspects of your life such as career, family, relationships, health, or finances over seemingly less urgent goals like self-improvement and personal growth.


However, what you keep delaying till tomorrow may never get done.

So, how can you make time for these goals? We suggest starting with bite-sized chunks, practiced everyday!

"We tend to forget that baby steps still move us forward." -Unknown

Here are 5 practical ways to ensure you’re making daily progress on your self-growth:





Whether you prefer to read books, articles or blogs, make sure you spend a small amount of time reading everyday about the topics that interest you.


If you are unable to fit reading into your schedule, try listening to audiobooks while completing mundane tasks like chores and errands.





Learning languages has many cognitive benefits and studies indicate that multilingual people have enhanced skills in critical-thinking, memory, and concentration. 


You can learn a completely new language, or continue learning a language that you may already know a little bit of. Try apps like Duolingo or Babbel that allow you to do lessons that take no more than 5–10 minutes out of your day. Totally reasonable, right?


Learning a second language has also been proven to delay mental aging and dementia, providing a wholly positive effect on the brain. 





A digital audio platform that has skyrocketed in popularity, podcasts come in a variety of genres such as News, Self-Help, True Crime, Comedy, Pop Culture, Scripted Drama, Politics, Health, Finances, and many more. There is a podcast out there for everyone!


The best part is that they are hands-free. And eyes-free too. Pop on a podcast to listen to in the background while you go about your day and you may just find yourself being more productive than you expected.





Having hobbies is a great way to express yourself in ways that you truly enjoy and feel passionate about. But sometimes hobbies take fierce commitment and time/energy that you may not have on the daily.


Try finding a hobby that fits into the life and schedule you already have, rather than making changes. For example, if you cook basic meals everyday, try taking up cooking. Spend the time you already spend in the kitchen to try new recipes, new ingredients, and new cuisines.





It’s been proven that it takes at least 21 days to form new habits that stick.


The beauty of doing 30-Day challenges to push ourselves out of our comfort zones is that the process is gamified and our competitive natures take over, making it fun!


Pick one area of life to challenge yourself on, detailing realistic and actionable steps to take everyday. After 30 days of consistent completion of your goal, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and the habit will have become second nature.



Give these five methods of integrating bite-sized self-growth into your life a shot, and we would love to hear how it goes! 


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