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Choosing A Planner Size

Which is the correct size planner for you? 

Sked Planner comes in 2 sizes: Small and Medium


Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a size that best fulfills your requirements:

The Size of Your Handwriting


Some of us write big, and some of us write small. The Medium Sked Planner provides ample space for bigger flourishes with more area for doodles, extra notes and stickers. The Small Sked Planner is perfect for those of us with smaller handwriting, who prefer to keep their notes compact and minimal.



The Small Sked Planner is no doubt handy, light-weight and portable, easily fitting into a small bag or purse for a more on-the-go lifestyle. The Medium Sked Planner is larger but quite convenient as well, smaller than most laptops and tucks neatly in between books in a backpack or tote bag.

Your Usage

The time and energy you dedicate to planning is an important consideration as well. For example, some of us are idea people, more attuned to the journaling aspect of Sked Planner, delving deep into the Mindspace and Self Check-In pages, or filling up the Notes & Ideas sections on each Weekly spread. The Medium Sked Planner better allows this by providing a much larger space to fill.

On the other hand, some of us are list takers, better able to organize our thoughts in a way that is more matter-of-fact and less wordy, getting straight to the point with fewer distractions. The Small Sked Planner is more ideal for this scenario.


Both sizes come with their own advantages, but we believe Sked Planner fits all lifestyles by encouraging you to forge your own path while being a guiding beacon along the way, checking in on you and allowing you to be accountable to none other than yourself.

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