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What Is Self-Care

“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.” -Cecilia Tran

The phrase self-care has been trending. But, what is it exactly? Self-care can differ from person to person; it is anything that you do for yourself that makes you feel relaxed and recharged. 

There are 7 Types of Self-Care:

1. Emotional self-care: hobbies that help you connect and reflect on your emotions.
Example: journaling and painting.

2. Physical self-care: any movement that develops and maintains your physical health.
Example: stretching and yoga.

3. Mental self-care: activities that foster or calm your mind.
Example: reading and listening to podcasts.

4. Spiritual self-care: activities that help you connect with your inner self.
Example: meditating and being in nature.

5. Practical self-care: actions that you take to reduce future stress.
Example: creating a budget and organizing your desk.

6. Social self-care: activities that cultivate relationships.
Example: virtual happy hour and zoom call with friends.

7. Professional self-care: actions that support a work-life balance. 
Example: taking water breaks and logging off after work hours.

It is important to practice self-care because you give a lot of yourself to the outside world and get caught in the motion of the day. Keep in mind that it is okay to pause and to check-in with yourself on how you are doing. 

Here are ways on how you can get started with your self-care practice:

  1. 1. Ask yourself what activities soothe and bring you joy.

  2. 2. Incorporate those things to your monthly or weekly schedule.

  3. 3. Reflect and check-in with yourself through writing.

This is our self-care regimen. We officially dubbed Sundays as our Self-Care Day. On Sunday mornings, we practice yoga and go for a coffee run. In the afternoon, we soak in the sun and read in the backyard. In the evening, we meditate and reflect in our journal.

We’d love to hear how you practice self-care. Tell us by tagging Sked Planner on Facebook or Instagram and use #SkedSquad.