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How To Use Sage for Self-Care

“When life gets hard, smudge it.” - Anonymous.

A big part of self-care is doing things for yourself to feel better mentally. One simple way to bring inner peace is smudging your space. Before we dive deep into smudging, let’s first talk about sage. 

What is sage?

Sage comes from the Latin word “Salvia”, which means, “to feel healthy”. Sage is an herb from the mint family and there are 900 species in the world. Modern studies have shown many sage species can help enhance memory and cognitive function. Native American tribes considered sage to be sacred and burnt the leaves as incense during purification ceremonies to cleanse a person or space. This purifying practice is commonly known today as smudging.


Why smudge? 

• It may help rid yourself or your space of negative energy.

• It may alleviate your mood.
• It may help soothe stress.

• It may help boost your energy levels.

• It may improve the quality of sleep.

      How do you smudge? 

      1. Burn the end of the sage or incense of your choice.

      2. Let the smoke waft the air.

      3. Walk around the space with the burning wand.

      4. Place sage in an abalone shell or ceramic bowl.

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