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How To Use Undated Planners

For anyone new to planning, it can often start off a little rocky. Making time to write out your day, week or month is after all, a habit that needs to be built. It’s possible you may find yourself missing a day or two, or sometimes even a week. It can be a disappointing sight to look back at those empty pages.


But here is where undated planners come to the rescue!


Start planning anytime, on any day of the year with an undated planner. You’re in control of the dates and months that go on your planner, and you can pick up right where you left off, every time.


The undated Sked Planner contains 12 month pages and 5 weeks for every month.


When writing the dates into your Sked, refer to the Yearly Calendar pages at the front of your planner. Most months will cover the span of 5 weeks, but some months won't.


Here are 2 ways to write out the dates:


One follows the method of a more traditional planner, while the other caters to a monthly view of your days. The main difference lies in how the situation is handled where a month ends on any day other than Sunday. 


The Traditional Method

Complete the week, including the days of the new month in the same weekly spread. This is a nice way to keep everything pertaining to that week in the same space.


The Monthly Method

Finish the month on one spread, and start the new month on a new spread in the next monthly section. This way, everything pertaining to each particular month stays in the same section.


Everyone has differing preferences when it comes to organization, and an undated planner allows you to choose one that offers you the most comfort when thinking ahead!


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