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5 Ways to Instantly De-Stress

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” ―Sydney J. Harris.


Stress can be a lingering presence that affects us in small ways at first, but if left unchecked could grow into physical symptoms such as headaches and weight gain.


Here are a few tips that can be practiced and used at anytime to instantly de-stress:


1. Guided Breathing


Deep breathing is an incredibly fast way to relieve stress. Your heart rate and blood pressure follow suit when you slow your breathing, allowing your brain and your body to reach a state of calm. 


Try Exhaler, a web app that uses a visual cue to guide you with breathing in and out. It features customizable settings that even include presets for yogic breathings such as pranayama. 





2. Guided journaling


Journaling can be a therapeutic outlet to relieve stress by putting our thoughts to paper. Grab a journal prompt from this generator to get started immediately:





3. Calming Music


Music can do wonders to sooth nerves. Check out this playlist curated by NPR featuring a variety of genres to help reduce stress:





4. Chewing gum


This one actually has historic evidence dating back to the Greeks and Mayans, who were known to chew on tree resin. Chewing gum has been found to lower cortisol levels, calm anxiety and increase alertness.



5. Exercising


Getting your body moving physically calms your mind down by allowing you to focus on the activity, and increases the production of endorphins in your system. Improve your mood by customizing a quick circuit that works for you:





What works best for you is unique to your interests and preferences.

What are some other stress-busters that you’ve found to be successful?


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